Counter Terminal

Product Description:

The CT400 is an interactive desktop terminal that can greatly improve the staff productivity and effectiveness in serving the
customers at the service counter. Intuitive graphical user
interface facilitates the staff in operating the terminal quickly
and effortlessly. Real time queue status information further
assists the staff in responding accurately and quickly to the
changing situation.

Besides queue information, it can interface to CRM to display
relevant customer information such as name, photo, past
transactions, customer feedbacks, etc. With this information,
the counter staff will be able to greet the customer by name
and also better equipped to serve the customer when the
latter approaches the counter. This helps to improve the
customer service experience.

On screen serving and idle time displays are targeted at
improving the staff productivity by reminding the staff of the
time taken to serve the customer or the unproductive time

Transaction support is integrated. A transaction menu
facilitates the staff in selecting the required transaction.


  • Standard queue functions: Login, Next, Call, Recall, Store, Done, Transaction, Transfer Service, Transfer Counter, Customer Information and Attention.
  • Auto calling mode and new customer arrival alert free the staff from having to check for any waiting customer.
  • Support alphanumeric ticket.
  • Display real time service status information such as serving time, queue length & average waiting time.
  • Display customer’s particulars such as name, photo, past transactions, feedbacks, etc.
  • Audio & visual alert when preset waiting time is exceeded.
  • Capture barcode information via an external barcode reader (optional).
  • Wireless connectivity

Product Specifications:

215(W) x 550 (H) x 130(D) mm
0.5 Kg