MD 3Line Main Display

MD 3line

Main Display

Product Description:

  • When a counter calls the next customer, his ticket number, the calling counter number and an arrow showing the direction of the counter will be displayed on a Main Display.
  • The customer can then proceed to the counter to be served. The Main Display makes use of high brightness LED (Light Emitting Diode) with options of 2.3″ or 4″ high digits in red, green or amber colures.
  • Configurations showing one, two or three calls simultaneously are available are activated.
  • For Main Display with 2 or 3 lines, the number is scrolled in from the bottom of the Main Display.
  • In other words, the new number will occupy the bottom line, the previous numbers will be moved up one line each, and thus the top and oldest line will disappear from the display.
  • In order to emphasize the new number, it is normally blinked for a while before it is turned into steady display.
  • This arrangement enables the Main Display to call numbers quickly yet allowing sufficient time for the customers to respond to the calls.
  • In systems with several service groups and more than one Main Displays, each Main Display can be programmed to display numbers for all services or for a selected group of services.

Product Specifications:

MD 3Line