CT 300 Counter Terminal


CT 300 Counter Terminal

Product Description:

When a counter clerk is ready to serve a customer, he presses button NEXT on his (Virtual) Counter Terminal.

The next ticket number will appear on his (Virtual) Counter Terminal and the Counter Display.

A 2-tone chime (ding-dong) or a buzzer connected to the Counter Display is also activated to attract the attention of waiting customers.

The Counter Terminal is a compact desktop unit with a 31-key keypad and a LCD display. It has many powerful and easy-to-use features. However, in normal operation, the user merely presses the NEXT button every time he wishes to serve a customer.

The Virtual Counter Terminal is a more sophisticated Counter Terminal but implemented in software. It runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Besides supporting the standard queue operations, it also provides information on the counter and system queue status.

An integrated messaging function allows the counter clerk to send messages from one counter to another or to the Remote Supervisor Terminal and vice versa.

When there is a new customer waiting to be served, the (Virtual) Counter Terminals at all free counters serving that service will beep continuously to alert the counter clerks.

This feature is very useful for services which have very few customers.

The Counter Display makes use of either 2.3″ or 4″ high LED digits in red, green or amber colors. It shows the ticket number currently being served at that counter.

Product Specifications:

CT 300