About Us

Union Trade At Glance


Our experience with products, services, quality, and business Management has led to the creation of UNION TRADE in the year of 1999.

UNION TRADE founders have extensive experience in the Egyptian Market in the field of queue Management systems, Currency counters and detectors.

UNION TRADE the Solo Agent for General Micro Systems GMS in North Africa . GMS is a market leader worldwide in the field of Queue Management solutions holding the Malaysian brand QMS meeting every queue management need.

about-usWe are the Market leaders in Egypt since 1999 we are working close with our customers to achieve customer satisfaction and keeping with the updates of leading Market innovations. In addition, our highly qualified technical and sales team is supported by General Micro Systems (GMS) world wide recognized designer who are ready to meet our customers needs
Specializing in customized and unique designs that satisfy individual demands from both technical and artistic perspective. UNION TRADE provides a continuous and effective training and support to our local and international network of distributors so; they are capable of offering a full range of services to our customers. According, to our belief that our successful systems would accelerate the growth of UNION TRADE as we strive towards excellence in providing queue systems, time attendance, access control, currency counters, and detectors across Egypt.

IN SUMMARY, we are appreciative of the government support, and expect to successfully customize our products for the public and private sectors.